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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Capillus Hair salon's blog.

At Capillus we're passionate about hair - from the latest trends to timeless classics, we're here to make your hair dreams a reality. Our team of skilled stylists are dedicated to providing top-notch services that leave you feeling fabulous inside and out.

I hope to share useful insights in this blog about what we do in salon, aftercare and explain how the treatments we offer work. Plus answering some of your burning questions about treatments and aftercare routines. We'll address some of the common queries and concerns that our clients bring to us, ensuring you have all the information you need to keep your locks looking luscious between salon visits.

This is definitely not what I thought I'd be doing when I started out as a hairdresser over 20 years ago, but you have to keep moving with the times and learn new things! Please bear with me while I find my groove with doing this.

Stay tuned for expert advice, insider secrets and plenty of hair inspo coming your way. We can't wait to embark on this blogging journey with you!

With love

Emma and The Capillus Team xx

Stylists at Capillus Hair Salon
(Left to Right) Kyla, Karen and Emma

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