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Does my hair need a toner?

Hi Everyone!

Great to finally start seeing good weather!

So I thought for this blog entry I would try and do some myth busting on toners. Toners for colouring services have increased dramatically over the last decade and such as the popularity has come confusion for at home and in salon.

A survey by salon Taylor Taylor London asked its clientele if they knew what a toner is and what it’s for, 87% didn’t have a clue.

So I hope I can put a few of these myths to bed in this entry.

So for a basic, toner is like a semi permanent colour used on pre lightened or coloured hair to either neutralise unwanted tones or to provide desired shade.

Colourists would use toners to personalise your desired colour. Traditionally they would be used on blondes to remove unwanted yellow tones, but they’re not just for blondes. They can be used to neautrailse unwanted orange tones in reds or brunettes. Did you know you could use a toner with no colour pigment in at all? This is known professionally as a glossing service simply works as a top coat varnish for your hair giving purly shine.

So how do they work? Hair is pre lightened first to remove pigment then the toner is applied to neautrilise unwanted tone left behind and/or add new pigment to achieve desired colour.

The popular purple shampoo is a way of toning and maintaining your colour at home. It’s a softer way of doing a toner at home but word to the wise! Do not use as your everyday shampoo, only when your colour needs it. The toner in the shampoo is still colour so you run the risk of colouring, colouring and colouring your hair again. Colour when it’s done all the adding of colour and neutralising won’t stop and will continue colouring, leaving a build up of potential unwanted colour (think blue rinse back in the day)

So if you’re question is do I need a toner? Or will coloured shampoo work for my colour maintenance? Can I have a glossing service? The answer is simple. Ask your stylist. They will be able to advise how to use colour shampoos correctly and what toning service can help you achieve your hair colour goals.

Enjoy your hair colour appointment and catch you next time!


Capillus Hair Salon

Toner to add shine and warm tones to brunette hair

Toner on highlighted hair to give a cool tone

Fashion colour toner added to pre lightened hair.

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