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Wedding hair

Wedding season is upon us again!

We know the feeling when the invitation arrives arrives through post. Amongst the outfit, present, babysitter there’s one thought of “what I’m I going to do with my hair?!”

A lady I once knew said “one thing British culture does really well is a wedding” I agree.

it’s still an occasion where we can really dress up and go all out.

And the question “what to do with my hair?” My obvious answer as you might guess is get booked in to the salon. You don’t even have to know exactly what you want. Just let your stylist know what outfit you’re wearing and if you are wearing a hat/fasinator bring it along and your stylist will work with you to create a look you’re happy with and compliments you.

I appreciate that’s an extra cost but a tip! A lot of salons have apprentices and blowdrying/styling hair is one of the first elements they learn so more than likely you can have your hair done with a capable stylist and sometimes a fraction of the price!

However if you are styling your own hair my fundamental tips for you are, get your cut and colour done a week or two prior. This will make such a difference. If you’re hair is overgrown and rooty before you start you’re not going to feel great about it no matter how well you style it. Also it will be more challenging to style. Good products are the key, you can’t build a good house on rubbish bricks! Practice what you’re going to do before the day. This way you’ll know what it looks like, how it works with your outfit and if you feel comfortable with it. Imagine you only have another 10 mins to get ready and your curling your hair for the first time and you hate it!! Best not to think about it.

Another tip I can share with you for wedding guests is bring with you hairspray and spare pins if you’re wearing your hair up. I speak from personal experience on this!

So I leave you with if you are heading to a wedding this summer relax, and go with what suits your style. Don’t try to look a certain way because you think you should do, it won’t work for you!

Happy celebrations xx

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