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Highlights or Balayage?

Hi guys! Hope all is well with you.

I wanted to discuss in this months blog something that can cause confusion when it comes to knowing what you want to have done with your colour service. I do get with the barrage of photos on instagram and Pinterest which have millions of great great colours you want to take to the salon and recreate, but we all get left with the question highlights? Balayage? baby lights? Root blend? Root smudge? and there's probably ones I've forgotten there! It feels nowadays that we don't know what to ask for!

I hope here I can help a little.

  1. Highlights. The classic and still the most popular. Woven or sliced sections (fine or chunky) same colour from roots to ends, for clients who want coverage on the root area.

2. Balayage.

Softer take on the classic highlights.

Like the classic highlights but sections are teased (backcombed) to blend up to the roots to get brighter coverage on the ends and showing natural colour on roots. A good low maintenance service.

3. Babylights.

Easy, classic highlights just really, really subtle.

4. Root blend and root smudge.

They're both the same. A darker colour applied to the root area and combed down to blend in-between highlights. Either around 1/2cm to around 7cm depending on desired result.

5. Money piece

One area at the front that is stronger than the rest of the colour.

I hope I've shed some light on this topic but if you are struggling to know what to ask your stylist for my advice is book for a consultation. Most salons don’t charge for it and this way the stylist can see your hair and be able to advise what service is best for you to what you want to achieve. Also bring pictures! We love pictures, honest.

Happy colouring.

See you soon

Emma x

Capillus Hair salon

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